"I have know Michelle for several years now. When my daughter was born I had a few issues with some medical professionals who didn't think I should exclusively breastfeed. My daughter was a healthy full term baby girl so there really was no reason why I shouldn't have been able to breastfeed exclusively. While talking to Michelle about what was going, on she helped my husband and I gain strength and stay on the course we had decided, which was to breastfeed only and not use formula.

Even if you are not having trouble with breastfeeding it really is nice to know there is someone there who can support you and answer questions, who has been through her own breastfeeding journey. I went from only wanting to breastfeed my daughter for three months to 3.5 years so far!

Michelle has the knowledge and experience to help people with their breastfeeding journey. I have recommended her to friends who were having trouble with breastfeeding their children and I will recommend her to everyone." –Amanda J.